We thought 2013 was not such a good year for at-large Greensboro City Councilmember Marikay Abuzuater, mostly because emails obtained in January by one of our reporters named her as a confidential informant to Greensboro police.

Still, she won re-election in November by a handy margin, proving that voters either have short memories, that they don’t care if their rep makes reports to the police, or that they just don’t pay attention to the news.

Which means that the double-shot of news items that came out this week about Marikay probably won’t have any effect on her 2015 hopes for re-election. But let’s rehash them anyway.

On Thursday, the News & Record reported that Abuzuaiter’s husband, Isa Hassan Abuzuaiter, got a speeding ticket and three gun charges after a Feb. 17 stop by Greensboro police. Two items in the story stand out.

One concerns one of the guns — a Smith & Wesson .38, “inside a plastic bag” — which had been stolen from a home robbery in 2009.

The other gun, a Walther 9mm, which is a pretty sweet piece, was registered to him (again,this is not an image of Abuzuaiter’s actual gun).

A guy like Isa needs a gun — he owns convenience stores, among other businesses — although if I knew he was packing that much heat I would have been much more nervous the last time he got angry with me. But I’d like to know where he got the .38, and I’m pretty sure everybody else does, too.

I will refrain form posting his mugshot, which is not the best picture of him I’ve ever seen.

The today, the N&R reported that Marikay herself has fallen behind on taxes for her Greensboro restaurant, Mahi’s Seafood, to the tune of about $35K.


So things aren’t going so great for the couple this week. But I’ll tell ya, I always get suspicious when things pile on at once like this. Makes me wonder who they’ve pissed off recently.

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