Dedicated. Respected. Experienced.

The name Locke Clifford still carries a lot of weight in North Carolina legal circles. Before he entered semi-retirement, Clifford was the premiere criminal attorney in Guilford County, and this is the law firm he started after he began making a name for himself. Now helmed by his son, Andrew Clifford, and distinguished criminal attorney Daniel Harris, the firm of Clifford & Harris remains a Tier 1 law firm according to Best Lawyers: Best Law Firms in NC with a track record of success for both high- and low-profile clients.

“We handle everything from speeding tickets to murder,” says Harris, who spends most of his time in state and federal court.

Finding a good criminal lawyer requires much more than a Google search. Experience, knowledge of the law and courtroom proficiency don’t often translate to internet reviews. The lawyers at Clifford & Harris have decades of combined experience on both the prosecutorial side and in defense of their clients. They’ve helped thousands of businesses and individual clients navigate the precarious corridors of justice.

“We don’t focus on reviews,” Harris says. “We are in the courthouse trying cases and actually defending our clients.” If you find yourself arrested or the target of a law enforcement investigation, don’t hesitate to contact Clifford & Harris immediately for a vigorous defense. There is simply too much at stake.

Clifford & Harris PLLC
415-B W. Friendly Ave. GSO

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