For car accident victims with serious injuries

“I just wanted a different type of firm,” says Carl Nagle, principal of Nagle & Associates Personal Injury Trial Lawyers, located inside the Bank of America Building on Knollwood Street in Winston-Salem.

That’s why Nagle & Associates work just one type of case: victims of car accidents, with a specific focus on cases involving significant traumatic injury.

“We don’t handle fender-benders,” he says.

Carl started off on the other side, as a claims adjustor for a major insurance company.

“I did nothing but defend at-fault drivers, their employers and their insurance carriers,” he remembers. “The insurance companies present themselves as benevolent organizations, the umbrella you stand under in the storm. But they make their money from collecting premiums, not paying claims, and they always pay as little as possible.

“I think the best training I ever had was carrying a checkbook for the insurance company,” he says, “seeing how they minimize payments or avoid them altogether.”

It’s staggering, he says, just how much an insurance company will pay a lawyer to defend a case instead of compensating an innocent crash victim.

He also noticed that many personal injury attorneys did not seek the full value of significant injury cases because they did not understand the medical records.

In this disparity he saw opportunity. By knowing their tactics, Nagle can outflank standard claims denials using an intimate knowledge of the law fused with hard, medical-based evidence. He realized that a lawyer who really understood their cases could do much better for their clients. And that understanding begins with a true reckoning of the injuries suffered.

“The rubber hits the road with the medical evidence,” he says. “We have staff with medical expertise and we zero in on that to properly convey the true nature and extent of all injuries to the insurance companies.”

This law firm fully understands traumatic injury and the long-term effects that can result.

Also on staff are three licensed claims adjustors and two retired state troopers to assist with crash investigations and case presentations.

“We handle a lot of truck accidents,” Nagle says, “a lot of commercial vehicle accident cases. A lot of motorcycle cases — bikers like the fact that I’m a fellow rider. I know what happens when a bike begins to skid or how they corner.”

Nagle & Associates differs on one other important way from other personal-injury firms: Their fee structure. While most law forms take more than 33% of a settlement, their fee is 25%. And with seven offices statewide, Nagle & Associates has collected more than $500 million for their clients, all from insurance companies who thought they could pay less.

If you’ve been hurt in a collision and it’s not your fault, let Nagle & Associates handle your claim.

“Without legal representation, you don’t know what you’re entitled to,” Nagle says, “and they certainly won’t tell you what they truly owe.

Nagle & Associates Personal Injury Trial Lawyers
380 Knollwood St. Suite 320 W-S

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