“You can’t just put a piece of plywood over a raccoon hole and expect to keep the raccoon out,” says Trutech District Manager Hunter Smith. “A raccoon can tear through the shingles on your roof.”

With the onset of spring, raccoons in the Triad are about to get “super busy,” Smith says. Squirrels, too. And chipmunks. And snakes. And bats. Rats and mice, as well.

It’s a problem homeowners don’t think about until they have it: a wild animal has gotten into the attic or the basement or even through the front door. They can cause damage, leave droppings, spread disease. It takes a professional to get the animal out and clean the mess.

Trutech Wildlife Removal Services can remove the animal humanely and legally, and do a full remediation of the contaminated space including cleanup, sanitation and parasite treatment.

Or they can safeguard your home against the intrusion of wildlife with their guaranteed prevention services: If the animal gets back in, it becomes their problem, not yours. They’ll come back to fix it promptly.

Trutech’s technicians are experts in the field, current on all applicable laws and best practices.

“Bats are tricky,” Smith says. “They can get into your attic and leave droppings, which cause a lot of problems. But bats are very beneficial to North Carolina — they are a protected species because they eat a lot of mosquitos. There is a period, May through July, that we cannot even remove them because they are specifically protected during that time.”

You can’t use traps or poison on bats, he says, so there are very few ways to remove them ethically and legally.

Trutech’s service area runs the entire Triad, from Reidsville to Seagrove, and they can have a technician at your home before wildlife takes over. Reach out through the website or give them a call.

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