Introducing Antidote — a modern telehealth company now available in North Carolina

There is no question the American healthcare system has generated amazing outcomes. New procedures and advanced medications have saved lives, improved wellness, and enabled a greater quality of life. And yet for too many, accessible, affordable care is often out of reach.  

For patients, access to quality care normally requires insurance, most commonly tied to what your employer provides where your options may be limited, come with high deductibles, and require you to cover co-pays. Then to access a doctor, you need to be accepted as a patient, make an appointment, travel to their office and wait until they’re ready to see you.

And for people without insurance, it’s even tougher. Which makes you wonder, isn’t there a better way to get the everyday care you need?

That’s what Antidote believes.

Antidote is a patient-centric virtual care company that believes that everyone should have access to affordable quality healthcare. It’s proud to now bring modern telehealth to North Carolina.

The time for telehealth is now

While it’s been emerging for years, telehealth has become more prominent during the pandemic as we’ve done all kinds of things virtually. Those experiences revealed the power of remote healthcare, combining convenience with access to world-class care at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. 

Today, the technology, the caregivers, and the infrastructure are in place to revolutionize what we know as the doctor “visit” and what we thought it meant to be able to afford to be well. 

It’s been proven that modern telehealth can provide:

  • Comfort and convenience: you don’t have to drive, park, and wait at the doctor’s location.
  • Access to more doctors: both near and far and depending on expertise you need.
  • Safety: as a patient, you have less exposure to other ill patients and don’t expose others. 
  • Improved assessment: because knowing your home environment may contribute to symptoms.

The importance of access for all, from anywhere, at any time. 

We know that without insurance or regular access to healthcare, people are less likely to receive preventive care and attention for chronic conditions, which leads to increased hospitalization and declines in their overall health.1  So while increasing convenience and lowering costs are the most immediate benefits of telehealth, improved health is the most important.

That’s why Antidote’s mission to provide access to healthcare starts with affordability.

Antidote has affordable individual and family subscription options to give you access to doctors and clinicians to treat a wide variety of primary and acute health needs, including cold and flu, earaches, sinus infections, sprains and strains, rashes and more. And because it’s done through the app, you have access to a doctor anytime, from wherever you are.


For Individuals:
Take care of your health with one easy app for only $29 a month, including 24/7 access and multiple visits included.

For Families:
Add unlimited family members and manage their health in the app including prescriptions, and medications.

Get a Rx Savings Card

Every user that downloads our app gets access to a universal prescription savings card.

Access also means convenience

Antidote has combined state of the art technology with great human experience to provide the best healthcare, anywhere, at any time. Using Antidote is simple – download the app, create an account and you can visit a doctor immediately or sign-up to one of the subscription options. 

  • See a doctor within minutes – from tap to doctor in less than 20 minutes.
  • Choose a healthcare professional – enjoy peace of mind with a designated family doctor.
  • Get diagnosis and treatment via video as many times as you need.

Get started with a free healthcare visit.

Antidote believes in the importance of access to quality healthcare so much, they are willing to give you a free call to get started. Click here to claim the offer, download the app, and be prepared when you need it. 

Plus – get access to a prescription savings card immediately. 

Take control of your healthcare family’s healthcare choices. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you and your family can access healthcare when they need to. Rest easy knowing a big co-pay or having to meet a high deductible isn’t a barrier to start to feeling better. 

Get started with Antidote today, click here for a free visit.

1 – Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), “Key Facts about the Uninsured Population,” Nov. 2020

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