The Unsolicited Endorsement: Stormy Daniels’ Twitter


I have never watched one of Stormy Daniels’ films, on either side of the camera, though I am somewhat familiar with the genre. Yet I’m ready to declare the woman formerly known as Stephanie Clifford, the “porn star” who is taking a stand against a president, the greatest adult film actor in history. And that includes Ron Jeremy.

I don’t know anything about her beyond what everyone who read the weekend’s newspapers or watched her on “60 Minutes” doesn’t: She’s from Louisiana, she’s married with a daughter, she likes showing horses and she doesn’t take crap from anybody.

Look no further than her Twitter persona — in between the hundreds, perhaps thousands of subscription renewals to her “unseen and exclusive content” private channel announced dutifully in her feed over the last week, she takes on all comers with a wit and brevity worthy of Dorothy Parker, or at least sunrise at a bar on Lower Decatur Street.

@The_Wirral_Com asks, bereft of punctuation: “Hi are you the American whore who wont keep your legs shut or your mouth” and she responds: “Yes I am. Nice to meet ya!”

There are dozens of such exchanges in the feed, worth combing through the announcements that probably net her $10 apiece. You have to go really, really far in to get to the NSFW stuff.

She is brassy. She is bold. And she doesn’t care what you think. Who better to take down a president who live and dies by the Twittersphere?

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