Editor’s note: Updated at close of filing, Dec. 15. List is complete.

It may seem like just a few months ago when people were registering to vote and researching candidates for the last presidential election. But as of Dec. 4, the 2024 election season has officially started in the Triad.

Candidate filing takes place through Dec. 15.

Learn more about voting in 2024 here. Remember, voters will now have to show valid voter ID to cast their votes.

Guilford County voting info here. Forsyth County voting info here.

Here’s a look at which local candidates, both new and old, have filed for next year. Incumbents are listed in bold.

Editor’s note: Judicial and statewide races have not been included in this list.


US House District 5 (Incumbent: Virginia Foxx, R, since 2004)

  • Virginia Foxx, R
  • Ryan Mayberry, R
  • Chuck Hubbard, D

US House District 6 (Incumbent: Kathy Manning, D, Served 2022-24, will not run for re-election)

  • Bo Hines, R
  • Mark Walker, R (former D-6 rep, was initially running for governor before he switched last week)
  • Christian Castelli, R
  • Mary Ann Contogiannis, R
  • Jay Wagner, R (Former High Point mayor)
  • Addison McDowell, R (Endorsed by Trump)

US House District 9 (Incumbent: Richard Hudson, R, since 2013

  • Richard Hudson, R
  • Troy L. Tarazon, R

NC State Senate District 26 (Incumbent: Phil Berger, R, served 2001-19, reelected in 2022)

  • Phil Berger, R
  • Steve Luking, D

NC State Senate District 27 (Incumbent: Michael Garrett, D, since 2019)

  • Michael Garrett, D
  • Paul Schumacher, R: Ran for District 28 in 2022; lost to incumbent Gladys Robinson by more than 45 percentage points.

NC State Senate District 28 (Incumbent: Gladys Robinson, D, since 2011)

  • Gladys Robinson, D

NC House of Representatives District 57 (Incumbent: Ashton Clemmons, D, since 2019)

  • Ashton Clemmons, D: “It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve our community in the North Carolina House of Representatives. I will continue to work diligently to ensure each and every North Carolinian has opportunity to succeed and freedom to make their own decisions. I am excited to announce my campaign for reelection and look forward to continuing to work to earn the votes of House District 57.”
  • Janice Davis, R

NC House of Representatives District 58 (Incumbent: Amos Quick III, D, since 2017)

  • Amos Quick III, D

NC House of Representatives District 59 (Incumbent: Jon Hardister, R, since 2013)

  • Tanneshia Dukes, D
  • Alan Branson, R (Former Guilford County commissioner)
  • Allen Chappell, R
  • Note: Hardister is not running for re-election this year and has entered the race for NC Labor Commissioner

NC House of Representatives District 60 (Incumbent: Cecil Brockman, D, since 2015)

  • Cecil Brockman, D
  • James Adams, D
  • Joseph Perrotta, R

NC House of Representatives District 61 (Incumbent: Pricey Harrison, D, since 2005)

  • Pricey Harrison, D
  • Crystal T. Davis, R

NC House of Representatives District 62 (Incumbent: John Faircloth, since 2019)

  • John M. Blust, R (Formerly served in the state House from 2000-2018)
  • Michelle C. Bardsley, R (Ran for District 57 in 2022)
  • Jaxon Barber, R
  • Ann Schneider, R
  • Britt W. Moore, R (former High Point City Council member)
  • Marjorie Benbow, D
  • Note: Incumbent John Faircloth has noted that he is not running for re-election.

Guilford County Commission, District 4 (Incumbent: Mary Beth Murphy, D, since 2020)

  • Mary Beth Murphy, D: “It has been an honor and a joy to serve the people of District 4. I am so proud of the progress we have made for Guilford County families, but there is still work to do. That is why I am excited to announce my campaign for reelection: I am ready to continue working for our community and I appreciate your support.”
  • Tony Jacobelli, R

Guilford County Commission, District 5 (Incumbent: Carly Cooke, D, since 2020)

  • Carly Cooke, D
  • Reece Walker, R

Guilford County Commission, District 6 (Incumbent: Brandon Gray-Hill, D, since 2023)

  • Brandon Gray-Hill, D: “I am excited for an opportunity to continue to serve my community for a full term. There is a lot happening right now in Guilford County and I am grateful to be a part of this progressive community.”
  • Demetria Carter, R: Carter ran for Guilford County School Board last year and lost to Democrat Alan Sherouse.
  • Maritza Gomez, R

Guilford County Commission, District 8 (Incumbent: Skip Alston, D, most recently since 2018)

  • Skip Alston, D: Alston is the longest-serving commissioner on the board currently. Prior to being re-elected in 2018, Alston served from 1992-2012. He serves as the board chairman.

Guilford County Board of Education, District 1 (Incumbent: T. Dianne Bellamy-Small, D, since 2016)

  • T. Dianne Bellamy-Small: Bellamy-Small also served on Greensboro City Council from 2003-13.

Guilford County Board of Education, District 3 (Incumbent: Michael Logan, R, since 2023)

Guilford County Board of Education, District 5 (Incumbent: Deborah Napper, i, since 2020)

  • Deborah Napper, D
  • Cara Townsend Dohner, R

Guilford County Board of Education, District 7 (Incumbent: Bettye T. Jenkins, D, since 2020)

  • Bettye T. Jenkins, D
  • Karen Coble Albright, R: Albright ran for Guilford County commission in 2022 and lost to Kenny Abbe by 8 percentage points in the Republican primary.
  • Anthony Izzard, D (Ran for Guilford County Commission in 2022_

Guilford County Register of Deeds (Incumbent: Jeff L. Thigpen, D, since 2004)

  • Jeff Thigpen, D
  • Note: Guilford County Register of Deeds office mission is to record, preserve, maintain, and provide access to real estate and vital records in an effective and efficient manner in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes.


US House District 10 (Incumbent: Patrick McHenry, R, since 2005, has announced retirement)

  • Ralph R. Scott Jr., D
  • Diana Jimison, R
  • Pat Harrigan, R (Ran for District 14 against Rep. Jeff Jackson in 2022)
  • Grey Mills, R (Currently representing District 95 in the NC House)
  • Charles Eller, R
  • Brooke McGowan, R
  • Steven Feldman, L

NC State Senate District 31 (Incumbent: Joyce Krawiec, R, since 2014)

  • Dana Caudill Jones, R: Former Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools school board member
  • Laurelyn Dossett, D
  • Ronda Mays, D
  • Note: Krawiec has announced that she will not run for re-election and has endorsed Jones.

NC State Senate District 32 (Incumbent: Paul Lowe, D, since 2015)

  • Paul Lowe, D
  • Gardenia Henley, D (Ran for Forsyth County Commission in 2022, NC House in 2020, US House in 2016 and 2014, and NC governor in 20012)
  • Zac Lentz, L
  • George K. Ware, R

NC House of Representatives District 71 (Incumbent: Kanika Brown, D, since 2023)

  • Kanika Brown, D

NC House of Representatives District 72 (Incumbent: Amber Baker, D, since 2021)

  • Amber Baker, D
  • Marcus D. Pearson, D

NC House of Representatives District 74 (Incumbent: Jeff Zenger, R, since 2021)

  • Jeff Zenger, R
  • Amy Taylor North, D
  • Mack Wilder, D

NC House of Representatives District 75 (Incumbent: Donny Lambeth, R, since 2013)

  • Donny Lambeth, R
  • Carolina Warren, D

NC House of Representatives District 91 (Incumbent: Kyle Hall, R, since 2015)

  • Kyle Hall, R
  • Vivian Fulk, D

Forsyth County Commission District B (Incumbents: Richard Linville, Don Martin, David Plyler, Gloria Whisenhunt)

  • Gloria D. Whisenhunt, R
  • Richard Linville, R
  • David Plyler, R
  • Terri Mrazek, R
  • Ralf Waters, R
  • Gray Wilson, R
  • Marsie West, D
  • Valerie Brockenbrough, D
  • Kendall Fields, D
  • Curtis Fentress, D
  • Note: Incumbent Don Martin’s term does not expire this year so he does not have to run for reelection.

Forsyth County Register of Deeds (Incumbent: Lynne Johnson, D, since 2016)

  • Lynne Johnson, D
  • Brittany Bailey, D

Winston-Salem Mayor (Incumbent: Allen Joines, D, since 2001)

  • Allen Joines, D
  • JoAnne Allen, D
  • Frankie Gist, D

Winston-Salem City Council East Ward (Incumbent: Annette Scippio, D, since 2018)

  • Annette Scippio, D
  • Jared D. Lamkin, D
  • Christopher Taylor, D
  • Phil Carter, D

Winston-Salem City Council North Ward (Incumbent: Denise “D.D.” Adams, D, since 2009)

  • Denise “D.D.” Adams, D
  • Eunice Campbell, D
  • Kymberli Rene Wellman, D

Winston-Salem City Council Northeast Ward (Incumbent: Barbara H. Burke, D, since 2020)

  • Barbara Burke, D
  • Paula McCoy, D

Winston-Salem City Council Northwest Ward (Incumbent: Jeff MacIntosh, D, since 2013)

  • Herbert Burns, Jr., R
  • Regina Ford Hall, D
  • Bob Hartwell, D: Read more here.
  • James IJimmy) Hodson, R
  • Note: Jeff MacIntosh announced that he would not be running for re-election next year.

Winston-Salem City Council South Ward (Incumbent: John Larson, D, since 2016)

Winston-Salem City Council Southwest Ward (Incumbent: Kevin Mundy, D, since 2020)

  • Scott Andree-Bowen, D (Ran for city council in 2020)
  • Note: In an email to TCB, Mundy said he will not seek re-election. The decision was made after “much self-searching and internal deliberation” and “lots of discussions with family and friends,” he wrote. He also noted that by stepping down, he is “creating a place at the table for someone younger to step up.”

Winston-Salem City Council Southwest Ward (Incumbent: James Taylor, D, since 2009)

  • James Taylor

Winston-Salem City Council West Ward (Incumbent: Robert Clark, R, since 2001)

  • Robert Clark, R
  • Christopher Smith, D

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