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Dayton, Ohio to Greensboro to Alexandria, Va. to… Washington, DC. It was less than six years ago that the city of Greensboro hired Rashad Young away from his first city manager job in Dayton, and since then he’s made the jump to Alexandria, a small city in northern Virginia, that he must have seen as a stepping-stone to his ultimate prize as chief administrator for the District of Columbia.

I feel a little sheepish writing about this almost three months after Young’s appointment to the post on Jan. 2 (the Washington Post broke the story on Dec. 8, 2014), but has any other Triad media outlet taken note?

Not that we’re in the same line of business, but I have to note that Young is a full two years younger than me. The man is talented and ambitious, and seems to know exactly what he wants.

Then again, Young is not the only alum of Greensboro city administration who has zoomed up the career ladder. Denise Turner Roth, Young’s successor, also landed in DC. She received an appointment as deputy administrator of the General Services Administration by President Obama.

“Greensboro is a trampoline,” my editor, Brian Clarey, says. Definitely.

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