by Sayaka Matsuoka

1. The Black and Tan from Tate Street Coffee House (GSO)

Perfect in the midst of winter or for a sweltering summer day, the strong and sweet Black and Tan from Tate Street Coffee House is a treat for anyone looking for something more exciting than a latte or cappuccino. Made of chocolate, caramel, and vanilla, it is this Greensboro coffee shop’s most popular signature drink that pairs awesomely with any one of the shop’s food options.

2. The Maple Bacon Latte from West End Coffeehouse (W-S)

This popular coffeehouse changed its name from Caffe Prada in 2014, opting for a more casual vibe. With it came some eclectic creations including the Maple Bacon Latte, which is more of a novelty item than a super tasty coffee drink. It’s made with bacon syrup (who knew that was even a thing?), maple syrup, steamed milk and espresso. And guess what? The few brave fans of this meaty drink can get their bacon-espresso fix all year long. Hooray?

3. The Jumoka Mocha from Jumoka Café and Bakery (HP)

Named after the café and known as its most popular drink, the Jumoka Mocha is a delicious spin on a classic favorite. Using white chocolate, caramel and espresso, the beverage can be further enjoyed with Jumoka’s signature cold brew. It substitutes the foam in the hot version of the drink for whipped cream, creating a tasty beverage for both hot and cold days.

4. The Robert Downey Jr. from Common Grounds (GSO)

Whether you drink it for the actor behind the most charismatic member of the Avengers or just for the way it tastes, the Robert Downey Jr. is the most ordered original drink at Common Grounds. Made with salted caramel, chocolate, espresso and steamed milk, this blend of ingredients is sure to perk up even the most tired, and help keep patrons warm on chilly days. All of the signature drinks in the shop are named after famous actors — like the Jennifer Lawrence with its white chocolate syrup, pumpkin sauce, in-house chai, espresso and steamed milk or the Marlon Brando made with white chocolate syrup, caramel, espresso, and steamed milk.

5. The French Toast Latte from Camino Bakery (W-S)

Unlike the previous breakfast-inspired drink from West End, Camino Bakery’s French Toast Latte is a more palatable espresso option. Made with maple and vanilla syrups, cinnamon and espresso, this popular sweet treat only makes an appearance in the winter so those interested better hurry. It will be gone by April.

6. The Brown Sugar Latte from DeBeen Espresso (HP)

This long-standing coffee shop is one of the oldest in the Triad, just four years shy of the 21-year-old Tate Street Coffee in Greensboro. It boasts a huge following in High Point with some even calling it an oasis. The most popular signature drink here is the Brown Sugar Latte, composed of espresso, steamed milk and brown sugar. Good news: It’s available all year round.


  1. There is a new coffee shop on 6th St between trade St and liberty St call SWEET AROMAZ, they make some pretty unique drinks that you don’t get anywhere else.
    The blueberry habiscus tea latte is amazing they also have a peach pie latte and a la rose latte made with real rose petals
    They also an awesome nitro cold brew as well as chai nitro tea

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