This week we’re unveiling TCB’s inaugural Sex Issue. It’s the kind of issue that most alt-weeklies throughout the country publish once a year but we never did, thinking it wasn’t right for our market. But this year, we said, what the hell, why not?

In this issue, we try to include a diverse range of stories and voices. Sex isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. It can be coupled, solo, or not at all. Our hope is that these five stories show the range and beauty that sex can be for our community.

Letting the Dogs Out: Local pup culture allows for freedom of fetish expression

  • A peek inside a community that allows for safe expression of a specific kind of fetish.
  • by Luis H. Garay

Q&A with Cole Kampen: Why sexual health is important

  • A conversation with a local pelvic floor physical therapist shows what sex does or doesn’t have to look like and why sexual health is important for communities.
  • by Sayaka Matsuoka

‘I questioned if I was broken’: Members of asexual and aromantic community share their stories

  • This story shares experiences and views from the local asexual and aromantic community with the hopes of dispelling misconceptions about identities.
  • by Destiniee Jaram

Toying around: Adult shops in the Triad offer a supportive place to play

  • Ever wanted to have a tour of local adult shops? Well, you’re welcome. We dive into what these local stores offer and how they’re shifting with today’s societal expectations.
  • by Autumn Karen

Q&A with erotica ghostwriter Reese Copeland

  • Writer Reese Copeland never set out to be an erotica writer. But she found herself there and she says it’s changed how she thinks about sex and sensuality.
  • by Michaela Ratliff





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