3. Greensboro

We’re applying a Rorschach test to each city outline this week, and then ranking them in an exercise that has deep psychological ramifications. For example, the map of Greensboro looks like a turtle that’s been smashed by a semi-trailer as it’s trying to cross the street. Without reading too deeply into it, it’s safe to say this puts them in last place this week.

2. High Point

The outline of the city of High Point looks like a profile shot of a man facing right. He’s got a super-sized jawline like Jay Leno, but the space behind the eyes, where his brain should be, looks like a flock of butterflies disembarking for a long flight.


Winston-Salem looks like a fat, wizened bird, short of beak and wide of breast, with tiny wings that get absorbed into the profile. It looks to be perching on a tree branch, unconcerned as to whether the limb can hold its weight. Sounds like a winner.

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