by Kelly Fahey

As I type away on my laptop, I can hardly stay awake. My stomach is filled to capacity with what I am willing to say is hands down the best sandwich in the Triad: the Sky Dog from First Carolina Deli.

Even though I couldn’t take another bite of food if it was forced down my throat, the thought of all that corned beef and turkey pilled high on a sub roll still entices me.

Although the Sky Dog is my favorite, I can close my eyes and point to anything on the deli’s menu and I’ll undoubtedly love whatever I order. It’s taxing to chose between the Nutley, with its smoky and garlicky turkey pastrami and tangy sauerkraut, the spicy Hoboken or any of the 27 specialty sandwiches served at the deli.

Even during my brief experiment with vegetarianism, I made sure to order a Montclair at least every month, the delicious garden burger with sprouts and mozzarella cheese. I top mine with sautéed mushrooms and onions.

As of late I’ve taken to crafting my own sandwiches. A failed experiment with liverwurst has led me to making the jerk turkey my latest mainstay.

I’m surprised to say that after spending half of my life living in New York, the best deli food I’ve ever had, even something synonymous with my home state, comes from the South. During a recent trip to New York City to visit my sister, I went to the world famous Carnegie deli. Their $15 corned beef on rye paled in comparison to First Carolina’s Harrison, which is available for half the price.

Greensboro has no shortage of delicious sandwiches, the most nostalgic and comforting meal. Still, I’ll pass on the rest for a Sky Dog any day.

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