by Eric Ginsburg

We’re all reasonable people with little patience for delusional climate-change denials (right??), but what happens when people try to alter the same economic system that created the problem to counteract it? A documentary, called The Carbon Rush: The Truth Behind the Carbon Market Smokescreen, charts the carbon industry and its impact on marginalized people on four continents and exploring who benefits and suffers from it. Like any classic environmental movie, it even has the celebrity-narrator bit down — Daryl Hannah.

But this isn’t an endorsement of the movie — I haven’t seen it yet — but of the person behind it and the educational effort it represents. Anna Lazuli, a local musician who performs under the name Quilla and is affiliated with Elsewhere, rented out the theater at Geeksboro so people could attend for free. She’s just trying to get the word out and make it easier for people to access the information, and that’s exactly the kind of thing we can get behind.

The Carbon Rush screens Thursday at 7 p.m. at Geeksboro in Greensboro.

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