by Anthony Harrison

Greensboro’s Lindley Park Filling Station features some scrumptious and quality vittles served in decent portions for a fair price. The Lindley Sunset may be their best offering.

It’s half the price of most any sandwich or wrap they offer — except those featuring seafood — and your choice of a cup of soup or a garden salad.

On Cinco de Mayo, I hankered for some Mexican food, but I soon found any hopes dashed as every Latin restaurant in town was slammed with lines out the door. Every restaurant on main roads seemed inundated with crowds, too.

The Filling Station, though, was practically empty, so I settled. They had a special soup du jour seemingly for the holiday: sausage and black bean. I got that with the Madison Avenue sandwich, and it was a fine substitution for tacos.

The soup was spicy and flavorful, with plenty of beans, peppers and hearty chunks of red-skin potatoes and country sausage.

The sandwich was heavenly. Tender smoked turkey, sliced granny-smith apple and rich honey-walnut cream cheese melded decadently within a flaky, buttery croissant.

The next day, I met a friend for lunch at Jack’s Corner, but they were as slammed as any other restaurant the night before, so we drove over to the Filling Station.

I opted for the Lindley Sunset, round two, but chose their Amesbury wrap and a salad with caper vinaigrette dressing.


The size of the salad surprised me. It could have been the only thing I ate. Fresh, leafy greens served as the bed for ruby-red tomato, semi-circles of sliced cucumber and a generous helping of crunchy croutons. The dressing was to die for — the tangy vinaigrette complemented the brined sweetness of the caper berries.

The Amesbury was uniquely delicious. The smoky char from the marinated chicken and tart grilled pineapple offset the creaminess of the melted cheddar and pesto aioli.

Though the Lindley Sunset halves the sandwiches, I was satisfied both by the flavors presented and the amount of food. It’s a perfect portion, especially for lunch.

I’ll likely be back soon enough to try more combinations.

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