by Sayaka Matsuoka

A fried egg rests gently across the top, obstructing the view of perfectly grilled and seasoned pieces of ribeye and a layer of spicy kimchi rice. Pickled onions and slices of bright green avocado frame the edges of the concoction, and a lone lime wedge sits in the corner. The whole thing looks more like a work of art than food-truck fare.

The ribeye bulgogi bowl from the local Korean-Mexican fusion food truck boasts one of the best rice-bowl creations in the Triad. Step aside Chipotle and Don, Urban Street Grill trumps all with this one. The food truck has been operating since last October and offers a colorful array of fusion food from rice bowls to burritos and tacos, and even a twist on an American classic with a bulgogi cheesesteak.

Bulgogi, which is a popular beef dish in Korean cuisine, is characterized by thin slices of ribeye, marinated for hours in flavorful soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger and sugar. Not only does Urban Street Grill produce some of the best bulgogi I’ve ever encountered, but the food truck also combines it masterfully with complementary Mexican flair.

The kimchi fried rice, which borrows pickled radishes and green onions from Korean cuisine, pairs well with the cilantro and salsa roja that is also made “in truck” and brings a Mexican component to the dish.

The combination of sweet and smoky from the beef adds to the dual complexity of the tanginess and spiciness of the rice and salsa, making this dish not only one of the best food-truck choices in the Triad, but one that could easily give sit-down joints a run for their money.

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