It’s the season of giving, and most of us are racking our brains and running around to find perfect gifts for the people in our lives who mean something to us.

As much as I gripe about the commercialization of Christmas, I do recognize the symbolism of the gesture — it feels great to get a nice gift, and nothing beats a nice pair of socks.

But let’s get real. Nobody is going to get you what you really want: that designer overcoat you’ve had your eye on, those shoes you keep thinking about, the new phone that you sort of, kind of need.

Trust me on that. Nobody is getting you anything good, and you shouldn’t expect them to.

That’s why I’m here to tell you that while you’re out there crossing names off your shopping list, it’s perfectly fine to go ahead and splurge on a little something from your own wish list.

I’ve found a good figure to be about 10 percent of your overall gift-buying budget, allocated for whatever the hell you want. Call it the “treat yo self” rule. Because you can’t fully give to the world if you never give to yourself.

The key is to regard it like a gift; buy yourself something that you normally would not. That means a tank of gas or a carton of cigarettes does not count, but a locally made piece of apparel you’ve been hoping someone will give you is fair game. Using the cash for a bar tab does not count, but purchasing some ridiculously expensive craft beer is fair game. Blowing the whole wad at a great restaurant, I would say, is also acceptable, as are spa treatments, pieces of original art, show tickets and hand-blown glass pieces.

Go ahead and do it. You know you want to. And you know nobody else will.

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