Let me guess. It goes something like this: You install that new dating app. Kick it up and swipe. Flip through pics. “Why is that dude posing with a gun?” Swipe left. Swipe left. Molly McGinn is here to help you out get the hang of dating apps in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Wade redistricting plan goes to trial without defense

WFU panel addresses ‘chaos and confusion’ of Trump order

Forsyth sheriff committed to ID program despite immigration order



• Editorial: A despot in a teapot

• Editor’s Notebook: Losing Johnny Wishbone




• Citizen Green: Is Trump trying to provoke war with Iran?

• Sportsball: A non-traditional sport unites in spirit and solidarity

• Triaditude Adjustment: The view from Helsinki



• Food: Jerusalem Market makes the move downtown

• Barstool: Barstool Bar & Arcade fills a void

• Music: The Phest may be gone, but the Phuzz lives on

• Art: Arthur Miller’s ‘The Price’ evokes a familiar struggle


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