Triad City Beat This Week: April 20, 2016


Joanna Rutter checks in with a group of actors who fashioned the play Wrongs of Passage out of the real-life-material of young people experiencing trauma in the foster-care system in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


SONY DSCFeeling the local Bern: Professor challenges lawmaker

One-candidate forum highlights low profile of special election

• High Point Journal: Opposition to HB2 puts ‘dent’ in furniture market attendance



Tilly Gokbudak• Editorial: Taxholes

• It Just Might Work: Furniture market musical chairs

• Fresh Eyes: Purple states truly are battleground states

• Editor’s Notebook: J-Roq in the city


Nicole_Crews• Citizen Green: Are we going to get new NCGA maps, too

• Fun & Games: What fresh hell is this?

• All She Wrote: Headed for the hills



IMG_2744• Food: A culinary rockstar takes center stage

• Barstool: Downtown’s forgotten saloon

• Music: Phuzz Phest comes together


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