Associate Editor Eric Ginsburg tries to nail down the particular magic of Cedar Street, an eclectic neighborhood on the western edge of downtown Greensboro that hits the sweet spot for affordability and diversity in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Hair-care product company reboots storied Whitaker Park

Controversial HB2 law hurts workers, lawyer says

• High Point Journal: HPU survey on food hardship reinforces national study


AndreaLittell_Headshot (1 of 1)• Editorial: It’s time

• It Just Might Work: Think Fink

• Fresh Eyes: We the people are still one

• Editor’s Notebook: Crapshoot


FullSizeRender• Citizen Green: Beware the return of the neocons

• Fun & Games: Git along li’l dogies

• All She Wrote: Darling Nikki



Molly McGinn and Quilla credit Jordan Green• Food: My go-to to-go sandwich spot

• Barstool: All fun, no game at Beer Olympics

• Music: Molly McGinn and Quilla fuse Americana and electronic music

• Stage: ‘God of Carnage’ offering appeases arts deities

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