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RiverRun International Film Festival kicks off with an opening gala on Friday, drawing filmmakers, actors and loads of viewers to Winston-Salem. The editorial team previewed 22 of the most interesting films for this week’s cover story.


A brickmaker’s legacy seen as foundation for urban revival

Participatory budgeting lurches forward in Greensboro

• High Point Journal: Wanted: ‘Active, engaged, entrepreneurial and working millennials’




jorge• Editorial: Life in the bubble

• It Just Might Work: City council election board game

• Fresh Eyes: Shhh… I work with crazy people

• Editor’s Notebook: Scarface




busted• Citizen Green: Playing the short game against history by pandering to bigotry

• Fun & Games: Bracketology, or falling on your own sword

• All She Wrote: 50 Ways to Leave Your Governor




Barstool Malcolm Gladwell• Food: Questions to ask a food writer

• Barstool: Malcolm Gladwell’s rules for drinking

• Music: Phuzz Phest primer: A choice dozen

• Art: Uptown’s art boss launches a new magazine and gallery space


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