Associate Editor Eric Ginsburg takes stock of the last remaining personal effects of Maya Angelou, as admirers and collectors come to get a piece of history during the late eminent woman of letters’ estate sale in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


2. Mike Coe & Jeff Prioreschi credit Jordan Green Newcomers to battle in competitive Greensboro primary

Affordable housing program pays for downtown development

Dismissal of open space committee might have been unlawful




Kristen Jeffers • Editorial: Where is everybody?

• It Just Might Work: Kibbutz-style gardening

• Fresh Eyes: From an ambassador to Kansas City

• Editor’s Notebook: Passing the hat



FullSizeRender • Citizen Green: The inartful sheriff, or judicial whiplash

• Good Sport: It’s not all in the wrist

• All She Wrote: She ain’t heavy, she’s my mother




• Food: An unpredictable Dominican adventure

• Barstool: Local House Bar

• Art: Taking the unicorn by the horn

• Music: A High Point rapper shouts out the city’s poor neighborhoods

• Stage & Screen: Words at midnight

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