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Editor in Chief Brian Clarey explains why show dogs are practically a different species in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story about the business of dog show.


IMG_0973 Residents tell Besse to fight to protect affordable housing

Candidate criticizes opponent for recusals

New city council restructuring begins next week

• High Point Journal: Election challenge results in committee appointment dustup




• Editorial: Open space closed?

• It Just Might Work: The Crown as a bar

• Fresh Eyes: Decoding a city’s colorline from the mill village

• Editor’s Notebook: Bonfire of the marketeers




• Citizen Green: 10 years after Katrina: what was lost

• Good Sport: Save the Tiger

• All She Wrote: Loosie and the Sky with Neil Diamond





• Food: Watershed week for Greensboro’s culinary scene

• Barstool: Silo Bistro & Bar

• Art: Artist draws from memories of Winston-Salem

• Music: New twist on traditional music takes Mipso far

• Stage & Screen: Ritual dances in the dark


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