Associate Editor Eric Ginsburg gives downtown Greensboro it’s annual checkup: What’s going up and what still needs to happen to ensure that the center city reaches its potential. Read this week’s Triad City Beat cover story to find out.


Richard Burr credit Jordan Green A crowd-control device flies under the radar, on purpose

Burr plays up national security experience ahead of reelection effort

• High Point Journal: Committee pushes back against giving away open space




Omar Ali • Editorial: The power of the lie

• It Just Might Work: Public shunning

• Fresh Eyes: Blame it on Aristotle!

• Editor’s Notebook: I remember




Jordan Green • Citizen Green: A keeper of High Point’s black educational history

• Good Sport: My first buck

• All She Wrote: Start spreading the news





Possum Jenkins credit Ethan Green • Food: The bone-broth resurgence arrives

• Barstool: A yacht club in Greensboro

• Music: Possum Jenkins goes long at the Garage

• Stage: On making an Appalachian Christmas classic



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