In this week’s cover story, the Triad City Beat editors run down the 100 people, moments, places and things that shaped the Triad in 2014.


Headshot1 • Editorial: On the grind, a pause for reflection

• It Just Might Work: A Triad housing lottery

• Fresh Eyes: Home is where the [insert intangible here] is

• Editor’s Notebook: The beach in winter



th • Exile on Jones Street: ICYMI 2014: Year of Epic Complaint Part I

• Citizen Green: How would Jesus protest?

• Good Sport: The year I didn’t belong

• All She Wrote: Nicolstramamas and the year in review



a4206602222_2 • Food: Gastronomics: The year in food

• Barstool: A little boozy, 2014

• Music: 10 best albums of 2014

• Art: Looking back: 2014 in Triad arts

• Stage & Screen: A year in film and stage

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