In this week’s Triad City Beat cover story, Molly McGinn captures the spirit of the Greensboro Four as embodied in four present-day Greensboro activists who use social media to get the word out.


LaRue copy Former Marisol chef to open restaurant downtown

LaRue French restaurant to open near Carolina Theatre

Experts: More testing needed to determine if schools are safe

• High Point Journal: Concepts for library enhancement get public review



Joanna Rutter headshot • Editorial: The city with an asterisk

• It Just Might Work: Cheap housing for artists

• Fresh Eyes: Why I’m staying

• Editor’s Notebook: A different sort of war



MichaelJordanDeanSmith copy • Exile on Jones Street: Redistricting reckoning later than sooner

• Citizen Green: Crash the meeting before the meeting

• Good Sport: Greatness and mediocrity in the ACC

• All She Wrote: Puppy love



150211.FOOD.EmanadasBorinquen1 copy • Food: The rapid rise of a Puerto Rican food truck

• Barstool: Geeks-N-Taps

• Music: Gestalt in spirit: Must Be The Holy Ghost

• Art: Unique collaboration sheds stigma about prisoners

Stage & Screen: Gogo and Didi on a road to nowhere

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