Local planners are game to find a way to incorporate tiny houses into city zoning and building regulations, but neighborhood advocates aren’t feeling as enthusiastic about the trend. Senior Editor Jordan Green takes the measure of the movement in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Keith King crop Storeowner takes on political institution in Northeast Ward primary

New health clinic targets underserved population

• High Point Journal: High Point opts to keep recycling function in house





Justices+Breyer+Scalia+Testify+House+Hearing+zESVP9Q7wR5l • Editorial: A letter to Roy Cooper

• It Just Might Work: Chicharrónis

• Fresh Eyes: Shedding a tear for America: Remembering Manzanar

• Editor’s Notebook: An early surprise




best • Citizen Green: A brewpub might be the catalyst High Point needs

• Fun & Games: Staying positive in the press box

• All She Wrote: Texts in the city





20160125waitingroom2262 • Food: Group wants to create incubator kitchen

• Barstool: A secretive clubhouse

• Music: Love finds a way through primitive garage rock

• Stage: ‘Waiting Room’ offers bleak laughs about beauty



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