The most important construction in Greensboro isn’t a high-rise or performing arts center, Editor-in-Chief Brian Clarey reports in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story. It’s a road that will change everything.


SONY DSC Family pursuing suit against healthcare company at Forsyth jail

Nonprofit would divert waste stream to artists, locals

High Point Journal: Redistricting opens competition for school board seat to two cities




7565137 • Editorial: Triad gets cut off

• It Just Might Work: Medallion system for newspaper boxes

• Fresh Eyes: Bowie: My hero, forever and ever

• Editor’s Notebook: Geography is destiny




Nicole_Crews • Citizen Green: Trouble in the Promised Land

• Fun & Games: If the gods are with us

• All She Wrote: Modern love





SONY DSC • Food: A new coffeeshop and its divine stuffed cookie

• Barstool: The forgotten Marriott

• Music: Doug Davis complete three quarters of a cycle in recording project

• Art: Christopher Lubinski and the persistence of art


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