Patrick McDonnell has a vision for re-animating Greensboro. But will the city get out of its own way and allow something magic to happen? Editor in Chief Brian Clarey hop-scotches around South Elm Street with the iconoclastic urban planner in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


CharlesBAycock Plaintiffs rest their case in federal trial of NC election law

UNCG takes time with Aycock Auditorium renaming

• High Point Journal: NAACP youth conference tackles internalized racism



jorge • Editorial: The usual suspects

• It Just Might Work: Online food forage maps

• Fresh Eyes: Hispanic grown

• Editor’s Notebook: Gotham



foosball crop • Citizen Green: An urban homestead rises in south Greensboro

• Good Sport: Foosball World Cup at Old Salem

• Wirtheim: Cigarettes ease the awkwardness for an outsider in Camel City



150729.FOOD.DaSaRang crop Food: Korean steamed rolls, kimchee pancake delight

• Barstool: The Tap at West End

• Art: Tortured artist paints American mythology

• Music: Heard a rumble, will travel

• Stage & Screen: Humble theater, huge show from Stained Glass

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