In 2008, a beating and a fire was supposed to put an end to Deborah Ann Moy. Now, eight years later, she’s finished law school and astounded the doctors who said she’d never walk again. And she refused to drive a minivan.

Editor in Chief Brian Clarey gets personal with a story about Deb Moy, a woman who was beaten and left for dead, who miraculously not only survived but recovered her ability to walk and earned a law degree, in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.



Tammy Tucker, Maurice's mother, leafs through letters and files related to his cases and healthcare. (photo by Eric Ginsburg)

Mother worries about her son’s safety in Guilford jail

• Triad musicians sign on to Stand Against HB2 2.0 in Winston-Salem

• High Point Journal: Iconic fire station expands Time Square retail center



KMBT_C454e-20160312023342• Editorial: Sabotage in the Senate

• It Just Might Work: Submitting to the oligarchy

• Fresh Eyes: Trans allied

• Editor’s Notebook: A pant for all seasons



DSC04165• Citizen Green: North Carolina — a model of progressivism?

• Fun & Games: Diamond in the bush

• All She Wrote: A Southerner’s guide to the British invasion





Given that Lamar smokes, he enjoyed Havana Phil's more thoroughly than I did. (photo by Eric Ginsburg)

• Food: The one outsider food review worth a damn

• Barstool: Passing the torch at Havana Phil’s

• Music: Geeks rock Geeksboro

• Art: Juneteenth, from 18th Century Salem to modern-day Glenwood


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