Some young, single ladies in Greensboro say they’re just looking for a few good men. Associate Editor Eric Ginsburg breaks down the soft science of heterosexual mismatching in a mid-sized Southern Piedmont city in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Anne Wilson, John Larson & Susan Campbell credit Jordan Green Cruz takes Triad counties as Trump wins states, Clinton holds on

Highsmith edges Larson by 4 votes in South Ward race balloting

Guilford primaries for school board and state House upset status quo




Darryl Hunt.HKonJ • Editorial: Losing faith in NC

• It Just Might Work: The Connection Section

• Fresh Eyes: Honor the prophet… the time is now!

• Editor’s Notebook: Darryl Hunt is finally free



GalaVideopic9 • Citizen Green: Distance running, metaphor for journalism and life

• Fun & Games: Bracketology, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the stats

• All She Wrote: A star is born



The W on Elm • Food: A taste of Atlanta, Miami at the W on Elm

• Barstool: The poetry of wine

• Music: Ben Singer’s mash-up of the current political moment

• Art: The savage beauty of Ansel Adams’ America


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