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Nearing the end of his run here, Triad City Beat columnist Jeff Laughlin binge watches 11 college basketball games in the annual rite known as the ACC Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum in this week’s cover story. There are moments of boredom, but trust us: He loves it.


Nathan Wilson headshot Tenants prevail over rental company after water damages apartment

Lacking cohesive marketing, Greensboro seeks plan

• High Point Journal: More charges dropped for man whose murder case was dismissed


1024x768-burning-flying-v-guitar • Editorial: Fuggheddaboutit

• It Just Might Work: My Greensboro City Council plan

• Fresh Eyes: Our mania for associations

• Editor’s Notebook: That flying V tho


fan crop • Exile on Jones Street: That’s entertainment

• Citizen Green: Something rotten in Greensboro

• Good Sport: Notes from the overground

• All She Wrote: Welcome to Greensboro!


ComicCon crop • Food: The Triad’s only crepe-tastic restaurant

• Barstool: Quanto Basta

• Music: Diamonds and rust

• Art: Self-expression through the art of cosplaying

• Stage & Screen: Film foreshadows Charlie Hebdo attacks


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