Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz emerged from the North Carolina primary alive and ready to fight another day. Yet despite their undisputed frontrunner status, support for Trump and Hillary remains soft in the state, as Editor in Chief Brian Clarey explains in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Highsmith and Larson credit Jordan Green Neighbors, church tangle over parking lot

Council seat hangs in balance as election board counts provisionals

• High Point Journal: City faces dual challenges of poverty and downtown revitalization




earline2 • Editorial: Another one gone from the tent

• Fresh Eyes: Earline Parmon and the legacy of Local 22

• It Just Might Work: Trump mission trips

• Editor’s Notebook: Southern Culture on a Friday afternoon




FullSizeRender-1 • Citizen Green: Goodbye to Ralph Johnson and Earline Parmon

• Fun & Games: March Madness mecca

• All She Wrote: Hooray for Hollywood





Quinn • Food: At Basil Leaf, Thai trumps sushi

• Barstool: Where brewing and Harry Potter meet

• Music: Tyler Nail makes a sharp U-turn from Americana to a harsher muse

• Art: Writer Quinn Dalton on finding permission and place


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