Triad City Beat aggregates the real estate value of downtown Winston-Salem and downtown Greensboro, tracking the two cities’ growth in the past five years, while identifying the major players and breaking down local versus out-of-state investment in this week’s cover story.


GSO-AD-FINAL.indd Greensboro ad campaign targets frequent flyers

Amid growth, worries downtown is becoming a ‘gated community’

• High Point Journal: Urban orchard opens on land purchased by county in southwest



Phillip Gilfus • Editorial: Greener grass

• It Just Might Work: Everybody pays

• Fresh Eyes: In search of ‘professional’ politicians

• Editorial Notebook: A descent into madness



vote • Citizen Green: The war on the voting poor

• Good Sport: Rooting for the home team

• All She Wrote: Sex and the suburbs




• Food: A buffet of new options, but two choices leave the menu

• Barstool: The Black Lodge

• Art: Murals to bring renaissance in East Winston

• Music: Joe Garrigan and the free rock show

• Stage & Screen: For richer or poorer in the Old West

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