Associate Editor Eric Ginsburg pulls the mask off an unsavory business practice at a regional weekly newspaper (disclosure: the editorial troika here used to work there) in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.



Larry Woods credit Jordan Green New public housing community opens as mayor emphasizes anti-poverty push

• High Point Journal: Documentarian’s second film explores city’s civil rights history





Allen • Editorial: Just business

• It Just Might Work: MLB in the Triad

• Fresh Eyes: Happy Veteran’s Day, from a vet

• Editor’s Notebook: Schcarole




Mascot-Monday-Wake-Forest-Demon-Deacons-1024x768 • Citizen Green: Those who show up decide how our money is spent

• Good Sport: Forecast: Deacon blues

• All She Wrote: It takes a village





SONY DSC • Food: Brewing, bok choy and campus cuisine

• Barstool: The other Foothills

• Music: A musical journey through Tate Street history

• Art: Local artist plans to release comic book series



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