Editor-in-Chief Brian Clarey explores the strangely parallel stories of the Ellen Smith murder and the Zinzendorf Hotel conflagration in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


IMG_1655 Incumbents all sail to victory in Greensboro council race

NYT article prompts debate about resisting arrest charge

Community leaders push proposed 2016 school bond and urban investment




Lauren Thomas • Editorial: Our two-fisted governor

• It Just Might Work: Replacing Jules Antiques

• Fresh Eyes: An inside view of the High Point Furniture Market

• Editor’s Notebook: One of us



IMG_8940 • Citizen Green: Jack Bonney (mostly) signs off from the Triad music scene

• Good Sport: Mets fan as a costume

• All She Wrote: Pop-up pop art




Marianne-2 • Food: Let’s talk about the other, darker side of food

• Barstool: Drinking in the library at Gia

• Music: Peace which passeth understanding

• Art: A muralist leaves the arts district

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