Five gardeners. Three cities. Photographer Caleb Smallwood documents urban gardeners who cultivate the soil for food, a sense of satisfaction and a quest for a more sustainable model for food production in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


SONY DSC Incumbents triumph in Greensboro municipal primary

Actor Laverne Cox talks about trans rights and racial justice

• High Point Journal: Congregation of historic black church looks to uncertain future




Edward Cone • Editorial: When primaries don’t matter

• It Just Might Work: Gardeners for hire

• Fresh Eyes: Why Warnersville matters

• Editor’s Notebook: Schoolwork




grace_for_blog • Citizen Green: Remembering Grace Lee Boggs

• Good Sport: Pint-size parcour

• All She Wrote: The most interesting man in the world





SONY DSC • Food: Providing a Framework for pour-over coffee

• Barstool: Progress for distilleries

• Music: The Raving Knaves fold after eight years on the scene

• Stage: Kindness stronger than wit in bout with life and death


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