ben folds

Editor-in-Chief Brian Clarey revisits the days when future mega-star Ben Folds was a kid playing in bands like Majosha in Greensboro in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.



welcoming city

‘Welcoming city’ resolution pulled under pressure from General Assembly

Hundreds show up fro Rep. Ted Budd’s ‘meet and greet’

Militant leftists and far-right militias claim same ground in Berkeley. What could go wrong?



ted budd

• Editorial: Rep. Ted Budd shoots from the hip

• Trump’s America: Berkeley-North Carolina nexus

• Editor’s Notebook: Words on paper



Glenn Chavis

• Citizen Green: High Point’s black epicenter, then and now

• Sportsball: CP3 Basketball Academy brings martial arts discipline

• Triaditude: The everyman quest for McPizza



• Food: Asahi Japanese is a local institution for a reason

• Barstool: Befriending the Bud Light crowd at Second and Green

• Music: Percussion ensemble, Dan River Girls showcase night of rhythm at UNCSA

• Art: Memory and poetry bring UNCG grad back to Greensboro

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