Joel Sronce explores how soccer helps immigrants adjust to live in North Carolina in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


welcoming city

Democrats bitterly divided as party fills vacancy on Guilford commission

New court offers alternative to struggling veterans

Beltway influence machine lend aid in ‘welcoming city’ fight



boone mountains

• Editorial: Winston-Salem gets bullied, backs down

• #PLTS: Bragging on US News & World Report’s High School Rankings

• Editor’s Notebook: Alone, on the mountaintop



record store day, underdog

• Citizen Green: Working parents are an invisible class

• Triaditude Adjustment: Next year, I’m camping on the sidewalk




shaina gold, gibbs hundred brewing

• Food: Cancel your lunch plans and go to Tasty Halal

• Barstool: Kicking the keg with Shaina Gold

• Music: Resurrected from the dead, GSO Fest returns

• Art: Students take on play by Moonlight author


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