Hey, we’re still around, as if this compendium of new stories isn’t enough evidence. (That little bit about Triad City Beat going out of business was an April Fool’s joke — sorry if you didn’t think it was funny.) And speaking of someone who’s still around, Senior Editor Jordan Green chronicles the history of Electro, the last free man on Tate Street in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


High Point multipurpose stadiumParticipatory budgeting volunteers get word out amid skepticism

High Point council approves $15 million for multi-purpose stadium

Court strikes down NCGA’s attempt to overhaul Greensboro elections


• Editorial: SB 36 and the cowardice of the false majority

• The List: 5 Tar Heel players who sealed the championship for UNC

• Editor’s Notebook: Newspapers and the last kid in the bushes



Chip Marble• Citizen Green: Chip Marble, Mississippi Episcopalian, rest in peace

• Sportsball: Track meet displays physical and personal achievement

• Triaditude Adjustment: Swallowing a hoagie sideways



grabbagreen-box-of-grain-and-salad-with-chicken-and-feta• Food: Restaurant embodies clean-eating craze

• Barstool: Winston-Salem Wine Market changed my mind about Napa

• Music: Dom Flemons earns standing ovation at Muddy Creek Music Hall

• Art: Pedestrians dictate postcards to Donald Trump

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