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Managing Editor Eric Ginsburg catches up with the crew of MTV’s new show “Unlocking the Truth,” which is co-hosted by Guilford College alum Eve Nagao, focuses on the questionable conviction of Kalvin Michael Smith and was shot by Greensboro filmmaker Harvey Robinson in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Brian Watkins Lawsuit: Indifference by medical staff at Forsyth jail led to woman’s death

Former cop accuses activist of cyberstalking, lawyer hits back

• High Point Journal: Outdoor children’s area nearing completion



naarisfavhat • Editorial: Not talking about Trump in North Carolina

• It Just Might Work: Public art’s more mobile cousin

• Fresh Eyes: Discovering a revolutionary motherhood

• Editor’s Notebook: Ironing it out



FullSizeRender • Citizen Green: State cites ‘anti-LGBT hate group’ in HB 2 case

• Fun & Games: Bursting the bubble

• All She Wrote: On golden blonde




Barstool boozy popsicle • Food: Celebrating Indian independence with a picnic

• Barstool: Making boozy summer Popsicles

• Music: Teardrops on his letters: Josh Kimbrough’s last blast of youth

• Art: An organist fills the silence for Metropolis

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