Triad City Beat editors Brian Clarey and Jordan Green run down the Triad 100 — the things that mattered most in 2016 — in this week’s cover story.


• Editorial: North Carolina is the new Kansas

• Fresh Eyes: The patriotic response to Trumpism

• Editor’s Notebook: The scenic route



• Citizen Green: A sanctuary to defy Donald Trump?

• Sportsball: A 2016 booth review

• Triaditude Adjustment: Like a good neighbor



• Food: The top eats of 2016 that you can’t miss in 2017

• Barstool: The year I gave up beer

• Music: Those who rocked in 2016

• Art: In 2016, art in the Triad went public


Triad City Beat This Week typically comes out on Wednesday’s, but this week, because of a holiday delay, it comes to you on Thursday with links to this week’s stories.

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