Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott crafts a modern department. JERRY WOLFORD / Perfecta Visuals

Chief Wayne Scott takes the Greensboro Police Department in the 21st Century with an unprecedented level of transparency, as Editor in Chief Brian Clarey reports in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


img_4795Klan terrorizes Roxboro, sidestepping antifacscist protesters

Violence against police officers cuts into recruitment efforts




doc012716-01272016135505_page_1• Editorial: New districts again for NC

• Editor’s Notebook: Uncuffed: the Greensboro Police Department




img_4813• Citizen Green: From chain gangs to immigrant detention

• Sportsball: Elite Deacs take out Hokies

• Triaditude Adjustment: Take this job…



creative-snacks• Food: By the airport, a local snack machine

• Barstool: Let’s talk about Hush speakeasy

• Music: Victoria Victoria warms hearts at the Garage

• Art: Revisiting the town of Tuna for Christmas


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