Editor-in-Chief Brian Clarey surveys progress in downtown Greensboro over the past year in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Greensboro officials seek to reassure residents rattled by Trump orders

Vernon Robinson, who made the blueprint for Trump, tones it down



• Editorial: Disrupt the machine: A lesson from the airports

• It Just Might Work: Banning bathtubs

• Fresh Eyes: What does the white working class want?

• Editor’s Notebook: Zack bounces back


• Citizen Green: Democracy is not guaranteed

• Sportsball: The most dangerous game, redux

• Triaditude Adjustment: In 70 years, nothing but possibilities



• Food: Foodies, we need to talk

• Barstool: Wiseman Brewing’s long-awaited opening

• Music: You don’t interrupt Rhiannon Giddens

• Art: Artist Beverly McIver discovers a common peace

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