Senior Editor Jordan Green reviews the record to gauge whether the United States is on track towards autocracy under a presidency that explicitly appeals to Christian ethno-nationalist sentiments in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Activists on both sides of abortion debate look to larger fight

ICE arrest witnessed by students in Charlotte causes alarm across NC

Bracing for deportations, Guilford parents seek school district’s support



• Editorial: Trading punches, stateside

• Editor’s Notebook: Remembering Mr. Rivadue




• Citizen Green: Making things in High Point again

• Sportsball: Sports and politics intersect in a time of racial tension

• Triaditude Adjustment: Clean ductwork, Elizabeth Warren and Betamax




• Food: Local doc finds black gold in the Carolina mountains

• Barstool: Try these 6 Girl Scout cookie-inspired drinks

• Music: Black 2 Hip Hop festival showcases Triad artists

• Art: Snapshots of the past preserved in photo sanctuary


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