Executive Editor Brian Clarey tells the story of the new labor documentary Union Time: Fighting for Workers’ Rights, whose making was almost as long in coming as the struggle by the workers at Smithfield’s Tar Heal hog processing plant to organize the union. Read about it in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Local conservative activists prepare for violent confrontation with Islam

CAIR calls for FBI investigation of Kernersville talk about killing Muslims

New message on Triad billboard is generating protest

Immigrants in Greensboro: ‘Listen up, Trump, we’re in the struggle



• Editorial: Islamophobe defenders twisting in the wind

• It Just Might Work: Flat-Earth Truthers

• Trump’s America: Milo Yiannopoulos

• Editor’s Notebook: Three years in



• Citizen Green: Sen. Burr: Patriot or partisan?

• Sportsball: ‘The Saucy Seven’ take the state

• Triaditude Adjustment: You’re a pal and a confidante



• Food: Calypso Mama, hiding in plain site

• Barstool: Foothills Craft Happiness IPAs inspire change

• Music: Knoxville poet laureate soothes listeners at Muddy Creek Music Hall

• Art: ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ bangs against and reveals past and present


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