Triad City Beat This Week: Jan. 18, 2017


Senior Editor Jordan Green analyzes property ownership in the High Point ghetto, while exploring how poverty and racial segregation became concentrated in the core city and what the city might do to address it in a special investigative report in this week’s Triad City Beat.


Giant net sculpture at LeBauer Park comes down for winter





• Editorial: Before the inauguration, a state of confusion

• It Just Might Work: Blocking the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

• The Unpopular Opinion: Trump should keep his Twitter account

• Editor’s Notebook: A deep investigative dive


• Citizen Green: A test of faith in investigative 

• Sportsball: Swarm sting State alum, sell out small stadium

Triaditude Adjustment: Name 10 records…



• Food: Ramen pops up, sells out

• Barstool: Competition cometh for Camel City BBQ Factory’s ‘barcade’

• Music: Sound Ecology lays foundation for a scene’s growth

• Art: Visiting artist contends with mundanity

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