Seven Triad residents highlighted in our cover story this week exemplify the honorific “Citizens of the Triad” as people with feet in more than one Triad city.


Disappointed Bernie supporters join forces with police reformers

Preservation society reboots, celebrates renovated B&B




• Editorial: More sunlight, please

• Fresh Eyes: Separate journeys reach the inauguration

• Editor’s Notebook: Fake news pays the bills



• Citizen Green: Truth and fiction in Trump’s promises to the forgotten

• Sportsball: Greensboro skate spot opens in the rain

• Triaditude Adjustment: Parental patience problems


• Food: Bandito Bodega opens, thrills

• Barstool: Triad Beverage Alliance organizes the booze scene

• Music: Musicians mourn Phuzz Phest, remember good times

• Art: Quilters reveal memories and reverence through textile art

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