Executive Editor Brian Clarey throws himself into Pokémon Go mania for this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Michael Garrett Street volunteers fill a gap in services to the poor in Winston-Salem

Business owner makes run against Trudy Wade

• High Point Journal: Energetic group marches against police killing of black men



• Editorial: North Carolina matters

• It Just Might Work: Economic democracy in the Triad

• Fresh Eyes: Questions for white people

• Editor’s Notebook: Get off McCrory’s lawn



Citizen Green header • Citizen Green: Official hypocrisy on police body camera video

• Fun & Games: The silver hour

• All She Wrote: The night janitor




Big Shirli • Food: Mole, chilaquiles and a phantom Vietnamese restaurant

• Barstool: The Beer Growler

• Music: Latin jazz players come through with dance music for the people

• Art: Meet the cast of drag queen bingo


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