The staff at Triad City Beat runs the highlight reel for the 2016 short session of the North Carolina General Assembly — including who’s controlling the ball, what the plays are, who’s racking up points and who’s fouling — in this week’s cover story.


IMG_3594North Carolina: You’re going to be seeing a lot of Donald Trump

• High Point Journal: Backlash to racism discussion preceded department’s head’s firing




Tilly Gokbudak• Editorial: Locavore politics

• It Just Might Work: Mandatory inclusionary zoning

• Fresh Eyes: Attempted coup puts progressives in a bind

• Editor’s Notebook: Upwards and onwards



All She Wrote UPDATED• Citizen Green: Reaching Trump’s angry, disenfranchised based

• Fun & Games: NBA 1, North Carolina 2

• All She Wrote: Real housewives of Pennsylvania Avenue




Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 5.04.51 PM• Food: How Slappy’s Chicken stacks up

• Barstool: Brunch at 1618 Downtown

• Music: Reanimator passes out of brick-and-mortar realm into spirit world

• Art: ‘Libris Mortis’ wins top film project award


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