Senior Editor Jordan Green explores how High Point’s strained race relations affect the police’s ability to solve violent crimes against young, black men in this week’s Triad City Beat cover story.


Bereaved woman reportedly subjected to threats of racial violence

Supporters strategize end game for Guatemalan woman in sanctuary

Far-right groups converge behind anti-sharia message in Raleigh



• Editorial: The Tanger Center and the DPAC playbook

• Calling BS: The myths of the violent Muslim and the mentally-ill shooter

• Trump’s America: The COVFEFE Act

• Editor’s Notebook: Columbia, SC history for dads



• Citizen Green: The Dems’ disconnect with working-class voters

• Sportsball: Midnight soccer reinforces the lives of the Restaurant League

• Triaditude Adjustment: The panic of a dead phone



• Food: Pozole, panuchos and other deep cuts shine at Mi Casita

• Barstool: Lattes and booze at Wayward Brews

• Music: A new era of music: Chance the Rapper hypnotizes the Triad

• Art: Swap meet marks Art-o-mat’s 20th anniversary


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